Alisha Cervone

Hey y'all! I'm Alisha, Tori's Maid of Honor! I am also Tori's favorite sister, roommate, Pilates partner, and basically the best friend she has ever had. I have known Tori my entire life. It seems like just yesterday we were playing outside on the rope swing, creating our Barbie mansions in the playroom, or sneaking in a few games of SPIT when we were supposed to be sleeping. I know at times it was difficult being my sister. Especially those times when I threw a plastic box at your eye, almost made you break your foot when I "fixed" the table, and that time I almost gave you a panic attack when you thought I died after I got hit by a bicycle. Sorry about that! I had so much fun growing up with you and I truly mean it when I say that you are not only my sister, but also my best friend. We have literally been through everything together, whether it be loving swimming, hating swimming, boy drama, sister drama, and just everything else that comes with being a girl. You are always there for me when I need you even when I am being the most annoying person in the world. I love you Tori and I cannot believe the day has finally come for you to get married. I am so happy for you and Matt. You guys make each other happy and I cannot wait for Matt to become an official part of the family. I love third wheeling it with you guys which is good because I will most likely be living in your pool house in a few short years!

Erin Cervone

Hello my name is Erin and I am the bride-to-be's little sister. I am so excited to be able to share Victoria's special day with her and be one of her bridesmaids. While growing up Victoria has always been the person I looked up to. If I saw her do something I would automatically want to do the same thing; I was that annoying little sister. Over the years we have gotten into numerous cat-fights you know the ones that are involved in all healthy sister-sister relationships, yet at the end we always made up (I believe this will prepare me for when she turns into Bridezilla lol). I am glad to say though, that our cat fighting years are behind us and we have gone from sisters to best friends. Victoria is one of the most protective, understanding, considerate, loyal, and loving person I know; she would do anything to help someone she cares for. Whenever I have a problem whether it be big or small Victoria was and still is always there for me. Which is why I am so happy that Victoria has found someone who wants to be with her, and be there for her for the rest of her life. If there is anyone I know who deserves to be truly happy in life it is Victoria. I always wanted another brother and I am sure Ryan did too, which is why I am so excited for Matt to become a permanent member of our very large family. Congratulations Victoria and Mathew you guys belong with each other and I cannot wait to see the rest of your life together unfold.

Sarah Cervone

Being a bridesmaid for your wedding has been one of the biggest honors, although i did expect to be one since I am your younger sister. We are separated by seven years and three inches (I am the taller one), but those numbers don't make a difference to me. To me, you will always be my older bossy sister who would help me with my hair and do my makeup for a party without letting mom find out. Letting me borrow some of your clothes when I was younger would make me sooo happy (making me feel more mature and like one of the cool kids) because you had always been my hero and I always aspired to be like you, eventually stealing your clothes. I always viewed you as one of the most creative people I know, as your artwork always amazes me and still does to this day. I can't wait to help with all the artistic ideas you have for your wedding (doing only the ones i am capable to accomplish due to my lack of artistic skills). Even though we are completely different people, whether it be how we approach something or the many fights we get into, I know that in the end you are willing to forget about anything that happened. In my eyes we are like yin and yang, externally and internally. You are black, while I am white (literally), and I believe we balance each other out because we are such complete opposites. Without you, I would not be the person I am today. I grew up watching you accomplish all of your goals and dreams and making a name for yourself, never knowing what a great model of a sister you have been for me. And now I can't wait to see one of my hero's, my sister, walk down the aisle and get married to the man of her dreams.

Gabrielle Cervone

All About Me
I'm Gabrielle Cervone, Tori's youngest and most favorite sister. I'm currently in the seventh grade and on a competitive swim team, New Jersey Wave, the swim team all my siblings were on.
Tori and I
When Tori would come home from college we would always go to the mall and look at all the cute puppies. Now we don't have to look at the puppies because Tori finally got one of her own, Mogluey. Also going to the swim club and working out in the old lady pool and beating her in kicking sets were some of the highlights of when she was home.
Matt and Tori
Matt and Tori are definitly a perfect match. They connect in ways other people can't.
I <3 U Tori

Catherine Zagroba

I met Tori when I was ten and joined the New Jersey Wave swim team. We spent the next eight years practicing with each other nearly every day and traveling to random states for meets together. Even though we've both ended our swimming careers, the time we spent swimming together made us incredibly close. I'm so excited to be her bridesmaid and be with her on her wedding day!

Jennifer Lupardi

Tori and I have been friends since freshman year of high school. I met her through our mutual friend Maud. Since the day I have met her, our friendship has been an adventure, endless trips to the beach, dinners at Rudy's, lunches at the Cervone house, and so much more. The past eight years have flown by; it feels like yesterday Tori and I were walking down the halls in our high school while she downed one of her many bagels and chugged her mountain dew. I can't believe she is getting married, and I am so happy she has found someone who makes her so happy. I can't wait to be a bridesmaid and embark on our newest adventure in our friendship.

Kristen Redmond

I'm Kristen "Clemson" "Carl" Redmond and originally from Roswell, Georgia. Tori was the first girl I met at orientation the summer before our freshman year and we have been friends ever since :) We bonded over our swimming struggles, love for food, and our crazy nights out (deuces!!). I am excited to be a part of this wedding and be able to watch my best friend marry her best friend. Love you Tori and wish you and Matt the best!!!

Maud Basmadjian

Tori and I met our freshman year of high school and it's hard to believe that all the memories we have created together fit into the past eight years. S'mores, sleeping in tents, Belmar and lifeguards, "I'm a star", Mustang Sally's, and Rudy's are just a few memories that I will forever cherish. Even though distance has separated us for the past few years, Tori and I always pick right back up at where we last left off. She will forever be my best friend no matter how far apart we are from each other and I am honored to be a bridesmaid in Tori and Matt's wedding!