Steve Trombetta

I have known Matt since we were less then a year old. We have swam together, played soccer together, and played games together for as long as I can remember. I can't wait to see Tori and Matt tie the knot!

Kyle Renevier

I have known Matt since the 3rd grade where I was the new kid in school. I remember me and him playing all kinds of sports after school including playing 21 on a 7 foot rim and both of us dunking all over Steven. I am so excited to be part of Matt and Tori's wedding. Congratulations to the both of you!

Chris Dart

I have known Matt since my first day at college. He was my "Big Brother" my freshman year and my training parter on the swim team. Matt, Tom and I made up the Orange Group on the team and we did everything together. He is one of my closest friends and I'm excited to see him and Tori start their lives together.

Tim Williams

I have known matt since I was 13. Matt and I both swam on the Marlins together. Since then, matt has been one of my closest friends. From the time I meet Tori, I knew her and Matt were meant to be together. I cannot wait to be a part of their celebration.

Tom Recko

Matt and I met freshmen year at Clemson. We were roommates Freshman, sophomore and senior year. We were team captains together our junior year and trained together along with Chris Dart in orange group. Since freshman year Matt has been one of my closest friends, and I am so excited that he had found someone like Tori who has made him so happy.

Chris Antoline

I'm Matt's brother-in-law, and I've know him since I began dating his sister Ashley in 2004. Over the past 8 years I've gotten to spend time with him during trips to Cincinnati as well as family vacations to Breckenridge and Siesta Key. I also had the pleasure of having Matt as a groomsman in our wedding and am very excited to be there to help him and Tori celebrate their big day!

Ryan Cervone

I have known Matt for only a few years. To be honest i was beginning to lose hope in Tori's taste of men until I met Matt a few years ago. I am relieved that my sister met such a great guy to marry and I can't wait till the wedding!!